Cleaning and maintenance instructions


Cleaning and maintenance instructions

The delivered products are made of high quality materials and have to be cleaned at regular intervals to maintain their purpose, design and functionality. Under normal environmental conditions the products must be cleaned at six month intervals. If installed in an industrial area or near open salt water, cleaning must be carried out every three months. All cleaning has to be documented. All visible surfaces must be cleaned with care. This cleaning is part of our warranty given to your company.

Cleaning liquid

Clear, luke-warm water with standard (grease solvent) household cleaners are sufficient. Use a soft cloth or a sponge only.

Painted surfaces / Coated surfaces

Use lukewarm running water; add standard mild household cleaners. These should be mild, pH neutral ( between pH 5-8 ), non-foaming cleaning emulsions (like those used for gently cleaning a car). Use soft cloth. A mechanical cleaning (scratching / scrubbing) and products containing solvents (acetone, butyl acetate, methanol, isopropyl etc.) must not be used!

Zinc coated steel elements

Where a minor cleaning is needed, use lukewarm running water and standard neutral household cleaners . Where more cleaning is required, use standard alkaline car cleaning liquids. Rinse with clear water after cleaning. In the case the signs needs extensive cleaning, one can use products containing solvents (Isopropanol; Acetone ) and abrasive components, as long as there is no contact with painted surfaces.

Acrylic glass

Clear, lukewarm water with standard (grease solvent) household cleaners or spirit-based cleaners are sufficient or an off-the-shelf plastic cleaner. Use a soft cloth or a sponge.

Vinyl – film

Where cleaning is needed, use lukewarm running water with standard household cleaners. In the case of an extremely dirty face, an alkaline cleaner is recommended. The cleaner must not come into contact with the painted surfaces.

How to clean

The following points have to be observed for all cleaning work

 • Please observe all HSSE (Health Security Safety Environment) rules when carrying out cleaning work (for example use a roadblock, suitable cloth, trained staff and all necessary security measurements when cleaning/maintaining the products). In case of doubts, do not hesitate to contact imm-network GmbH prior of carrying out any work.

• All illuminated signage has to be disconnected from the electrical supply before performing cleaning or servicing work

• No alcaline liquids or products containing acid or solvents are to be used

• Do not use abrasives

• Do not carry-out cleaning work on surfaces, heated by the sun (>40°C). This may cause stains as a r esult of drying too quickly

• Do not use high pressure cleaners such as a steam jet

• Follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions with all cleaners. It is recommended to use test the cleaners on a test area first to check the impact of the cleaner on the materials used for the signs

• Cleaning should be carried out from the top to the bottom of the element with suitable cleaning implements

• After cleaning, give the cleaned surface a good rinse with clear water

• Do not lean ladders or scaffolds on the signage element

In case of any doubt please contact imm-network GmbH.

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